Play Your Favorite Games on Any Device

Rainway makes game streaming so easy you'll be playing in just a few clicks. Download and join our beta today!

Download Server (Windows 10 64-bit) Open Web Client

100% Free

Rainway will always be completely free to use with no hidden cost. You can stream all your games, whenever you want, wherever you are, for as long as you want.

Play Anywhere

You don't need to type in an IP or forward ports. Rainway handles all of this for you. Play your game remotely on fully secured channels instantly.

No Extra Hardware

Rainway works on all modern hardware. Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are all supported out of the box. You can play via the browser or via our many native applications.

Take a Screenshot Anywhere

Rainway has an overlay screenshot tool for you to take screenshots of your best gaming moments to share with friends, on social media, and upload them to Rainway's cloud imaging server.

Unlimited Configuration Options

You can customize Rainways stream settings to fit your needs. Control the frame rate, resolution and bit rate of your stream. You can even upscale and downscale any game.