About Us

Mission Statement

Our core mission is using our innovative technology to provide gamers with freedom and choice in how they experience their favorite games. We are committed to building a positive community, capable of having fun anywhere. Because if you're not having fun, what is the point of playing? We will always put gamers first.

You can learn about the origin of Rainway on our blog, here.

Our Values

Your games. Your terms.

Games are more than just a hobby for some people; they can be an escape that allows them to express themselves, a way to meet new friends or even discover new passions. The reasons and possibilities are endless and enabling people to carry those stories with them anywhere without worry are truly important to us. So when we solved the technological challenges, we sat out to painstakingly craft a seamless user experience. No IP addresses, no ports, no corporate DRM interest, just games.

Do More. Give Back.

Game streaming is an emerging space and hard technological challenge — as we build our technology, we set the bar high for ourselves to ensure the best user experience, not just today but years down the line. We make our milestones and vision for the future of PC gaming clear and strive to meet the demand of our users.

We give back by releasing open source projects we feel can help developers create better software — seeding the future for more creations.

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Rainway Team

Andrew Sampson


Evan Banyash


Roman Ryltsov

SVP Engineering

Nura Nubani

Business Development & Partner Relations

Andrew Brothers

API Architect

Liz Finnegan

Director of Marketing

Kushagra Agarwal

Lead Designer