Our Game Streaming Technology

Web Based, Device Agnostic Game Streaming

We built MSG, our graphics pipeline from the ground up with speed in mind. Our unique approach lets users play their favorite games instantly inside of a web browser with the same performance of a native desktop app.

Sachiel – Fast Network Messaging

Sachiel allows us to prepare data for network transfer in nanoseconds. Once the remote end receives it, it can be transformed into a video stream just as quickly, meaning less latency added to a users session.

We utilize industry standard encryption such as DTLS and TLS, so it is not only fast but fully secure.

Always Connected

The internet is held together by duct tape and glue; to ensure users can still connect to their machines, we utilize sophisticated network traversal techniques. Also don't worry, even if your ISP changes your IP you can rest assured we're constantly keep it in sync with our services.